Ogilvy - Percy Bartley House Pre-rejuvenation


Reinventing charity with creativity.

When Ogilvy moved to Woodstock a couple years ago we adopted a charity called Percy Bartley House (PBH), a home for boys that operates out of an old house in the area. While at PBH, the boys are enrolled in school or skills training programmes and are taught life skills before being reunited with their families.

Over the years the home has become run down and has lost its sense of life and colour. We have decided to collaborate with Write on Africa -- a not for profit initiative also based in Woodstock, that mobilizes creativity in Africa for inspiration, social change and urban rejuvenation. Together with Ricky-Lee Gordon (who runs the project) we will be restoring life and colour into the home with wall murals done by well-known local artists, illustrators and creative activists.

Contact amy.mabin@ogilvy.co.za if you want to get involved.

Video courtesy of Rowan Pybus and Katharina Brinkmann of Makhulu Productions.


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