[starttext]Ricky-Lee Gordon paints as Freddy Sam in and around the Woodstock area. This video is for the Artist Network Program supported by RVCA. The mural is of Juma and Willard to guys Freddy Sam works with who are from Zimbabwe. You can miss it if you drive down Albert Rd.

Shot and Edited by rowan@mahulu(Makulu Visual Arts)
Music by Gary Morris [endtext]

Freddy Sam - RVCA


[starttext] all originals:i art sa community mural project curated by /a word of art

This is the latest Visual Art video from Makulu Visual Arts. Shot and edited by Rowan Pybus it is an attempt to capture a slice of life in a corner of Woodstock in Cape Town while it was transformed through a massive mural campaign by some of the best street artists in South Africa.

Thanks to adidas for their amazing support and to /A Word of Art for putting the whole project together.

Once again a huge thank you to Gary Morris for his incredible music. [endtext]

i art Woodstock