GreenPop #7 - Tree Planting Day 1


Check out our first plant day this weekend past!
We put the following trees in the ground
3 Rhus Lancias
1 Speck Boom
1 Lemon Tree

Come get your hands dirty and plant with us! And tell your mum, next-door neighbour, or even your bookclub to join in. Its Arbour month so its all about the Greening!

Details of the first plant day!

Spring is around the corner and the GreenPop crew is very excited for Arbour month. We've been in touch with two pre-schools in Vrygrond and they've requested 15 trees each, so we need your help to get them into the ground, educate the children and make a difference in this community.

Vrygrond is on the outskirts of Muizenburg, about 30kms away from Cape Town. You can click on the map links below to see the exact locations and directions. Join us at either one of the two locations or at both!

There will be members of the press covering our Arbour Day activation and we've also arranged for some caterers to provide sandwiches for all the volunteers. The day will start at 10:30am and we expect to be done just after lunch, but we encourage everyone to stay a while and enjoy themselves.
greenpop - Plant a tree or two, or three!

Music by Gary Morris:


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