adidas Originals - Three Stories Cape Town Recap 3min


For the duration of the FIFA World Cup 2010™, adidas Originals invited the city of Cape Town to "celebrate originality" at Three Stories -- a one-month-long event held at the Woodstock Industrial Centre with /A Word of Art, a local art group.

The event included a series of art exhibitions, creative events, live painting sessions, open music nights and live DJ sets. The venue, made up of five main areas, included The Apartment, The Skate Area, /AWOA Art Space, The Kitchen and the aPoP store, in collaboration with trend retailer, astore.

An average of 200 city lingerers rushed in daily, to keep-up with the World Cup matches and to experience Cape Town's buzzing art scene and nightlife. Over 150 artists and 30 musicians were involved in Three Stories, bringing the best of Cape Town to the project.

By the time the whistle blew in the World Cup final match, a total of more than 3000 people had freely experienced Three Stories. As well as creating a space for people to hang out and experience the city's art, music and creativity, the project also aimed to build and create a platform for the creative community in Cape Town.

Three Stories will live on to affect the positive growth of the cultural scene and has set a benchmark for all future cultural events, and adidas Originals was proud to bring the creativity of the people and festivities of the FIFA World Cup 2010™ from the streets, where originality lives, to Three Stories.


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